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  We are committed to our environment

While we remain fully committed to our own projects, we are also concerned about local issues. Based on our commitment to the local environment, our business group has sponsored numerous events and contributed to a range of social initiatives over the years:


Our business group identifies with the values associated with sport, values such as effort, dedication and the capacity for progress. We have sponsored different sports events across a range of fields:

  • We sponsor different sports tournaments organised by local councils in a variety of areas.

  Social projects:

We are committed to different social initiatives:

  • We contribute to a house-building project in Anantapur (India)
  • We also collaborate in a project to rebuild the towns that were destroyed by the Tsunami
  • Sponsorship of children

  Union and future of the company:

In addition, one of our business group's future objectives is to create a Foundation for social initiatives. This is something we hope to achieve in the coming years, joining forces and making a commitment to the future of our society.