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  A leading business group that believes in expansion

GRUPO-BAHÍA was formed as a business group in 2000. It has since obtained a presence in a number of different markets through having developed the necessary skills to face the challenges presented by each area.

Our activity is guided by a business structure based on a firmly established management system. This system has enabled us to strengthen our presence in traditional markets as well as gradually expand our areas of influence and successfully penetrate new business sectors and geographical areas.

We have built up extensive experience over the years. At the same time, we have built a highly qualified and dedicated team of personnel, something we see as being fundamental to the success of our business activity.

We have created alliances with the top processionals and specialists in each business area. In addition, we also have a legal and tax department made up of leading companies.

As a result of impeccable management of the company throughout the years, and following efforts to implement our quality control system to fulfil the requirements stipulated by the international ISO 9001:2000 regulation, we achieved the "Quality Management System" certification on 3rd June 2005.

Our business group is ready to take on new challenges, joining forces and creating alliances with a forward-looking vision.