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  A Quality System aimed at fully satisfying our clients, partners and collaborators

  • a personal level for Quality Management. Our objective is to provide services which fully satisfy the needs of our clients, partners and collaborators, while also ensuring maximum efficiency.
  • Our business group's Quality Policy, which forms the basis of our Quality Management System, will be regularly revised by the management by way of the Revision System.
  • We have established and implemented a Quality System based on the requirements stipulated by the international ISO 9001:2000 regulation for Quality Management Systems.
  • The main mission and objective of our business group is to ensure the full satisfaction of our clients, partners and collaborators while fulfilling all legal requirements and regulations. We are therefore committed to offering:
    • The best general administrative services
    • And the best property services so that all our clients, partners and collaborators can rely on our group to offer them real and responsible solutions.
  • Objectives of our Quality System:

    The ultimate aim of our Quality System is to:
    • Offer our clients, partners and collaborators a total guarantee of our services
    • Ensure our clients, partners and collaborators full satisfaction through fulfilling the agreed requirements, delivery times and prices.

    The objectives of the Quality System are therefore:

    • Fulfilment of the explicit and implicit requirements of our clients, partners and collaborators, creating increased confidence in our business group
    • Efficient management and control of the processes
    • Continuous improvement of processes, procedures and services
    • Efficient assignation of functions, resources and responsibilities
    • Awareness and involvement of personnel in terms of the importance of implementing and developing a Quality System
    • The achievement of targets and continually setting new objectives based on proposals from our business group
  • Our business group's Quality Manager ensures that all people who have an effect on the quality of the company are aware of the policies and objectives established. This manager is entrusted with the task of communicating and distributing the relevant documentation for each position throughout all levels of the organisation.